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09 Aug 2007, 10:23 PM

I found the answer to my question. I figured I'd post it here for fellow newbs:

Modifying the spacing in an individual <p> tag with a custom style
You can also create a custom style and then apply it to paragraphs individually rather than redefining the <p> tag properties globally.

1 Choose Text > CSS Styles > New Style.

Or, choose Window > CSS Styles to open the CSS Styles panel, then click the New Style button.

2 In the New Style dialog box, select This Document Only under Define in.

3 Type a name, such as .nospace, in the Name text box.
4 Select Make Custom Style (class) under Type.

5 Click OK. The Style Definition dialog box appears.
6 In the Style Definition dialog box, select the Box category.
7 The following settings in the Box category will cause any elements with this style applied to display very little margin above or below it:

Margin section
Top: 0
Bottom: 2


Note:You may want to experiment with other numbers and settings to achieve a desired effect.

8 Click OK. The nospace style will appear on the CSS Styles panel.
9 In Design view, click inside the textual content of a <p> tag. Select the<p> tag from the Tag selector (the list of tags found at the bottom left of the Design window).
10 Select the nospace style from the Styles panel.

Note:If the text in the<p> tag is above another <p> tag, you may have to apply the nospace style to the <p> tag below as well, to eliminate the space between the two lines (compare Example 2 with Example 3 ). If the text in the <p> tag is above an image or a table, however, applying the nospace style to the <p> tag should eliminate the space between those two elements (see Example 4 ).

10 Aug 2007, 03:26 AM
You don't say whether you are using a coding program like Dreamweaver or FrontPage but I think you are.

The solution seems to be applying a class to the p tag that you want to be different.

For people not using a coding program it would be:-

HTML markup in the body:-
<p class="nospace">Paragraph with different margins.</p>

Style in style tags in head section or in a stylesheet:-

.nospace { margin: 0 0 5px 0; } or whatever margins you want in the order top, right, bottom, left.