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01 Sep 2007, 05:14 AM
Am starting my own website, and i need some help from anyone experienced enough with a couple of questions. I work in web-site design and am still learning, from the websites that offer templates, I figured if I offered my own designs as templates for free, would that bring traffic, what are the criteria, I don't want to put additional efforts if am not going to qualify in the first place. And finally, yesterday i was search some website related to design templates and also search a new website and download many free templatesis related to design for website. does anyone has an average of how much do you make of the Ads, I know itís rather difficult to predict, but I was curios if anyone has an idea.

08 Sep 2007, 05:20 PM
Yes you can generate traffic to your site by offering free templates - as to how much traffic and the resulting ad value that you can charge advertisers depends on how much traffic your site can generate.

It's very difficult to guess - you really have to just jump in and try it and see how it does.