View Full Version : problem viewing my site

09 Sep 2007, 11:35 AM
hello everyone am a newbie in designing websites
i can view my site perfectly but some visitors have been telling me that my site is not aligned well and its all over each other !

please have a look and thank you in advance !


09 Sep 2007, 12:52 PM
Use http://validator.w3.org/ to check your errors and sort them out before doing anything else.

In some cases you have position: absolute divs inside other position: absolute divs and I don't think this helps. Try closing off each div before you start the next if they are all position: absolute.

The object with the calendar is 168* 193px but is inside a div 100*199px.

If you reduce the window size, a lot of divs disappear off the left side of the screen. The div holding the text has left: -193px which is causing the text to move out to the left in a smaller window in IE7.

Remember that in your page all position: absolute divs take a position from the window (viewport) edges and because you have many with a right position they take a position from the right edge so that if the window size is reduced, they all move to the left, sometimes off-screen.

Your main div has align="middle" so that will move as the screen size varies but the position: absolute divs move separately unless the main containing div has position: relative. This causes the position: absolute divs inside it to take positions from the containing div edges instead of the window edges which may help you.