View Full Version : Integration between hosting and local server

11 Sep 2007, 02:22 PM

I have a client for whom I will be building an ecommerce website. This is a fast-food restaurant, and the client will have POS software and database on his own server(local server). The POS is .net and mssql and has SOAP 1.1. The hosting will be with a .net hosting provider with mssql, so that we can do the web development in .net with mssql database. I have some questions regarding this:

Will we be able to integrate the ecommerce and POS, when the 2 systems are on seperate servers, and have 2 different databases?
Will the client need IIS and .net framework on his server for this to work?
Will the integration be a security issue for POS server?

Does someone here have any experience with this and can help me?

Also, I do hope I have posted in the correct forum :).

Thanks for a quick reply.