View Full Version : Need some help Coding.

13 Sep 2007, 09:01 PM
I have a website all designed up, and i'm looking to code it. Problem is, I really suck at coding sites, and my friend who knows how, won't show me =\ Soo I figure i'd pop in here, and ask some questions xD

I'm making an image uploading site, so I was hoping to have some kind of login system and upload system (duh) Then I thought that'd be hard, so I searched around and found something called Joomla, which looks great! Problem is, I don't know how to slice my site and code it with it.

Any ideas or could anyone help me?

15 Sep 2007, 02:47 PM
Without knowing more details about your design I would say you would probably need to code it in PHP and MySQL (database on the back end). Although my site is written in Joomla (meaning I know about using Joomla) I'm not sure Joomla will meet your needs. Joomla does have a learning curve but it's a lot shorter than learning PHP & MySQL.

If you can perhaps tell us more about your site in regards to how it works:

-login users needed?
-any purchasing going to be going on? (are you selling your images?)
-will users pay for memebership?

I've written many web sites using PHP and MySQL and just this year completed two Joomla websites so I have some background to compare the two. So far, based on what you've said, I would learn towards you needing PHP/MySQL. Let's hear more details about your site.