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14 Sep 2007, 01:34 PM

I was wondering if anyone could help me, i am kind of new to flash and web design.

What i'm hoping to achieve is a flash document 480 x 280, which will act as a kinda news slideshow. so it will load the 6 latest stories, and rotate through them every 10 seconds or so. I also want a short piece of text at the bottom and an options for the user to skip to a specific stoy without having top wait for it to rotate.

like the one here -> www.***.com

I'm looking for some guidance in exactly how this can be achieved. Has anyone implemented something like this before?

also if i wanted to add a new news story, but obviously i dont want to edit the flash document everytime, i need some kind of news database im guessing where each entry has an image and a write up. Am i on teh rigth tracks...

unfortunatly i have no clue how to implement this so i would appreciate any help anyone could provide.