View Full Version : Can't Update Website!?!?

17 Sep 2007, 02:14 PM
I update my company's website (I didn't make it so don't blame me for how it looks or runs) but for some reason it simply stopped letting me update.

I was using frontpage to update it - used to open the site through internet explorer with the "edit with microsoft frontpage" option from the file menu because this is how everyone before me was doing it--it's the way it was set up. When I opened the site, it would ask for the pw and username and then when I made changes I would just hit the save button and it would automatically update the site.

Now it no longer asks me for the login info and it tries to save updates to my hard drive. I tried to choose the domain from the drop down list and it says it can't connect or is receiving a message from the server that it cannot parse.

What could be the problem. I've tried every way to connect through frontpage that I can find and it refuses. I also tried to connect through FTP and it's so weird; it isn't the same files and it doesn't update correctly through FTP.

I didn't design the website so I don't know what they did or were thinking when it was designed but I still need to update it. Any suggestions?

btw, the domain is www.karate-usa.com if you want to try it on your side.

17 Sep 2007, 08:44 PM
Does your company have an IT dept and if so, have you asked them?

I assume your website is up and running?

Have you tried to reboot the server?