View Full Version : Nested Tables

18 Sep 2007, 05:14 AM
I have one large table, that I have the height set to 100% to fill the page. Then inside of this table I have another table with 2 columns, which I need to stretch down 100% of the page also, so I put in height="100%" thinking it would just fill down to 100% of the parent table height, but it wont! What am I doing wrong? Is there a good/better way of doing this?

18 Sep 2007, 06:03 AM
Tables just expand to take whatever width and height they need; you can set minimum widths and heights but 100% doesn't always work, as you have discovered. You can achieve what you want with div boxes, see:-


There is a skyblue main container and I have put in a pink inner container as you had an inner table but it isn't really needed and it doesn't show because the left and right divs fill it completely. It does however centralise inside the main container as it is 50px less wide.