View Full Version : Image pushing past td cell in IE?

01 Oct 2007, 11:46 AM
I'm doing some contract work for a client, just slicing up and building a design that they sent me. It works fine in Firefox and IE 6 as far as I can tell, but in IE 7 the left and right sides of the top header images (the pictures that say "Production Canada") aren't lining up with the rest of the site by about two pixels. The left one seems to almost be pushing out overtop the table cell and the right seems two pixels short of fitting snug up to the side of the cell. The weird thing is that while they're not lining up with the table cell itself, they still line up fine with the menus and everything else.

I've looked at the sizing of the images and td's as well as padding and even the silly IE bug where putting spaces in the code puts spaces in the layout (I had that problem earlier so that's why bits of the source code aren't properly formatted and all bunched up.)

Any help or ideas would be appreciated, thanks.


(Please no comments about how this should all be in divs and not tables, etc. Tables is how I was told to build it by the employer, so that's what I did and therefore need it to work in.)