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Jonah Turnquist
01 Oct 2007, 06:23 PM
Hey guys, I'm new here but i'd just like you guys to review/check-out my site. It's a large user-created database of graphics, mainly for websites. I just released it, so you guys are the first to try it. So far we have close to 2,000 graphics up. They are also all tagged and searchable. You can even upload your own graphics for others to use. In the banners section we have the psd versions uploaded too, making them easy to edit.

So, check it out =D


Icons (http://www.openwebgraphics.com?page=graphics)
Banners/Headers (http://www.openwebgraphics.com?page=banners)
Backgrounds/Textures (http://www.openwebgraphics.com?page=bg)