View Full Version : Policing for corporations through regulatory jobs

08 Oct 2007, 02:49 AM
There are different aspects of regulatory and legal frameworks that have to be looked into by any business organizations to avoid getting into non-compliance related issues.

There are also specialized areas of work involved from toxicology to patents in Regulatory jobs. One needs to have an eye for details and strong background in analytical skills.

For experienced professionals, could wither join the consortium of other experts from different specialization streams on a given assignment or can find suitable organizations to work with. They could also start communicate with like minded individuals from across the globe to enhance their understanding of regulatory affairs in different areas.

For those who are fresh from the University, they could also get individual mentors or start get networking. Moreover, up to date information on the area of specialization is also warranted while joining any organization or taking up any assignments.

There are general purpose job portals and a place with this special area of interest where you could get noticed faster and even headhunted for better assignments. :bday: