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17 Oct 2007, 10:12 AM
Hi all,

I am new to the forumn, but have been floating on others for awhile. I have a problem and after searching and consulting others, it still exists!!! Here it is, I want to create a permanent 301 redirect in ISS so when customers type in xxxxxx.biz (with no www) they get a redirect to www.xxxxx.biz I followed all instructions and started to run the service in ISS. It is properly configured to be a permanent 301 redirect. However, I can get it to work. Still when customers type in xxxx.biz it will just direct them to http://xxxx.biz (no www). What did I miss in the step of setting this up? I already contacted my hosting company and they said their isnt anything on their end that would be messing it up. Can anyone help me!!!

Below is what my "DNS Manger" from my hosting company looks like:
______________ IN A mywebip
www__________ IN A mywebip
______________ IN MX smtp.secureserver.net
______________ IN MX 10 mailstore1.secure....
email.mysite.biz IN CNAME email.secureserver.net
mail.mysite.biz IN CNAME pop.secure.server.net

Thanks in advance

15 Apr 2008, 09:51 PM
In my experience with 301 redirects, the end URL is only set in IIS and this is the only place that defines exactly where you're redirected to. What might be happening to remove the www is the code on the site you're redirecting to?

If your host confirms the URL they are redirecting to contains the www then I'd check code on the end website to make sure the change isn't happening there.