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25 Oct 2007, 09:06 AM
Hi there,

Just a question about quality of flash movies. I am creating a website for a business and I have a scrolling flash movie on the xhtml page. I noticed when I first uploaded the page and it's contents, the flash movie took about 10 seconds to load after the rest of the page had loaded. I went back to the code and noticed that it was value=high, so I changed it to low. It still takes the same time to load. I am somewhat new at integrating flash and the other components of web design. Can anyone help me out with getting this to load faster?

Here is the page, http://www.melindastanley.com/dmc.html

And, while you're looking, can someone tell me why there is a gap between the bottom of the white block and the background? The height of both images is exactly the same.


29 Oct 2007, 08:14 PM

Your Flash movie loads and plays immediately in my browser. I am pushing 9869 kbps download speed. I do not know how you made your Flash movie or what your file size is but if you are not happy with the performance you'll have to find ways to lower the file size. Many designers use xml with Flash. Also writing ActionScript instead of using components helps. You can do a search on google for internet ad sizes. You will see that the file sizes are extreemly low. Also Flash 7 is kinda low for todays standards. I would upgrade it. Flash 9.0 seems to play in almost every browser out there. The current is 9.0 r47.

As far as your margin issue. In Safari it looks perfect. On my PC in IE the margins are off. You'll have to code a margin hack for IE. This is an example not a fix for your issue.

<!--[if IE 5]>
<style type="text/css">
/* place css box model fixes for IE 5* in this conditional comment */
.twoColFixRtHdr #sidebar1 { width: 220px; }
<![endif]--><!--[if IE]>
<style type="text/css">
/* place css fixes for all versions of IE in this conditional comment */
.twoColFixRtHdr #sidebar1 { padding-top: 20px; }
.twoColFixRtHdr #mainContent { padding-top: 20px; }
.twoColFixRtHdr #mainContent { padding-bottom: 25px; }
.twoColFixRtHdr #mainContent { zoom: 1; }
.twoColFixRtHdr #container #nav { height: 36px; }
/* the above proprietary zoom property gives IE the hasLayout it needs to avoid several bugs */

I used this on a website I designed www.colortymedanes.com

You can learn alot by studying other peoples sites.

I had to adjust a few elements for IE. One book I found that helped is "CSS the missing manual"

Hope it helps some,