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20 Nov 2007, 06:11 PM

recently I bought a domain name and installed SSL from Godaddy.com. Now the problem is that I am able to access the my site using http:// as well as https://.

Could you please suggest me how to stop this? I want people to use only https and when some one without knowing types http:// they should be redirected to https.

I asked their help support, well they said one way is to redirect but how do i redirect? I mean, in the server there is no separate folders for http and https, so how will I do that!!!

I would appreciate any one who is able to help me.


15 Apr 2008, 09:29 PM
What platform are you hosting on, IIS or Apache? In IIS there is an option to force https:// as the only allowed protocol, or you could use ASP redirection to direct browsers to the https:// address.

Also make sure you don't have any absolute URLs with the http:// prefix coded into your site, best to use relative links without the protocol to ensure browsers always stay at the https:// site.