View Full Version : CSS Navigation, fails in Safari

21 Nov 2007, 10:03 PM

Please view my page linked above in Safari. It doesn't see the background image inside the <li> and it just shows 5 bullets in the html list format.

This is the first time I've done a nav like this but it works fine in IE, FF, and Opera. Occasionally on other browser it lists it with just bullets and no image but loads the images after 10 seconds or a refresh (but even that is rare).

In Safari it never loads the images and doesn't link anything, it just shows the bullets.

My stylesheet can be found at:http://imedianetworks.net/fpi/fpi.css All of the classes relating to the menu are at the bottom of the stylesheet.

Thanks for any help anyone might have for my problem.

21 Nov 2007, 11:21 PM
Solved thanks anyway :flip: