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29 Nov 2007, 05:01 PM
Hello dear community, first excuse my bad grammar and engrish. I got a question, have anyone of you tested Plesk Web server suit? My current web host uses it and it's frankly crap. I don't know if it is the company that can't configure it the right way or if it's this stiff and none-configurable. For example: I have 2 domain-names that I want to host (actually I got more but this is a example) but the system won't support them to be in a "main" folder, id rather have to make the sub domains and use dns-frameforward to get the site connected to my host. The main Domain is the one that I can use, for everything, dns, ftp and so on but if I have to domains like d1.com and a1.com they can't co-exist on a simple and smooth way. I've found a workaround"s" (to some extent) but that way is harder, more work for me and so on... The mail service can only add mailboxes to the first (main) domain that was registered with the host.

Is this what I can expect of Plesk? Is there any inside tips about how to work with it?

Ohh and I migrated from dreamhost (who were perfect :D) but both me and my userbase is from sweden and the response time were often to long for one to even want to wait on the page to load :(

06 Dec 2007, 09:50 AM
Well didn't choose this was what they had, I talked to them and they are 'thinking' about switching :p can someone url me with a tut!