View Full Version : 2 (probably simple) CSS questions...

29 Nov 2007, 05:35 PM
I'm a print designer who rarely gets into web designing... at least the codey stuff. When I do, strange things like the next two examples happen. Can anyone tell me the fixes for these two annoying problems?

The images on a page are 150 pixels square, yet on some computers they show up tiny and text reflows around them. WHY!?
www.naturalfitnessme.com/about.html (http://www.naturalfitnessme.com/about.html)

I have a line of type set to switch to red on hover. On some computers (PCs only, as far as I can tell) the descender of the lowercase g is not colored. This bugs my client, and I can't figure it out. www.naturalfitnessme.com/services.html (http://www.naturalfitnessme.com/services.html)

So, feel free to laugh at the probable simplicity of these issues, but I would also love a solution to them. I hope someone can help with these annoying glitches. For reference, I'm using HTML and CSS (mainly for type and text flow).