View Full Version : Need Advice - working for myself again

02 Dec 2007, 02:02 PM
Hello All:

Approximately three weeks ago, I submitted my resignation as the Marketing Director for a national franchise company. The primary reason for making such a decision was based on my employee evaluation and the promise of an incentive plan for increasing the leads from 50 a year to well over 500 a month. This promise was made to me on three different occasions with the most recent being about five months ago. Upon resigning, I offered to continue my services at $35 an hour. I have 17 years hands on marketing experience (from print advertising in world renown magazines such as Entrepreneur, as well as their website, creating strategy guides for video games to creating high ranking websites). They have accepted my offer of $35; however, during my last meeting as an employee last week, the founder asked for quotes on several items. I informed her that a 6 panel brochure (from concept to finish would be approximately 40 hours. This is just one of tasks I performed for them as an employee at $20 an hour. The founder baulked and stated that is $1,400! Now they would like me to quote per project (not hourly). It has been approximately two years since I have worked on my own and I figure that things most likely have changed on the income potential from working from home. I need some feedback on what is the going price for website design including SEO. They would like me to create a contract generating website from concept to finish and I need to provide them with a solid quote. Also, what would your requirements be? If you have any questions, please ask – I need all the help I can get right now from established home based business’.

Thank you very much for your help.