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The Lion
09 Jan 2008, 05:10 AM
EtherJungle.com is looking for web designers and developers interested in becoming project authors and selling their unique prefab works in our brand-new custom websites (http://www.etherjungle.com/website_design_showroom.html) showroom. Submit as many works as you like, priced as you wish, with at least three coded pages captured for display (info and examples available upon request). As a project author you would be responsible for client content transfer upon the sale of each project, as well as later required maintenance and/or updates (charged separately and collected in its entirety by you the seller). The company gets 10 percent of the site's final cost (which can be compensated for in the list price) and the monthly hosting. As a selling point, we offer prospective clients a free web address for the first year, along with free first-month's hosting upon completion of their project.

We will soon be promoting this program through our new website (http://www.etherjungle.com) via channels currently under construction. These channels will provide authors with account pages where they can track their earnings and request payment statments. However, we are prepared to take works from interested parties now. Websites to be submitted will be listed under specific categories optimized for special interests (i.e. examples shown: 'Lawn Care Services', 'Health & Fitness', 'Legal Services', etc.) and backed by online advertising via Google Adwords.

All interested designers and developers should inquire via our contact page (http://www.etherjungle.com/website_contact.html), selecting 'Special Promotions' from the dropdown box. Please provide us with some basic information, including type of work you plan to submit (design or development), categories of special interest (ex: Legal, Health, Money, etc.), and whether or not you plan to submit static works or works with sound, flash, etc. We ask that you provide a link for viewing works performed and request that you include your work location, as we prefer that submitting parties live and work within the U.S. However, special exceptions will be made depending on quality of work to be submitted and the level of productivity promised. And here at EtherJungle.com, there are no restrictions against posting your works on other websites. We consider ourselves simply another store front by which web designers and developers may show and sell their works.

Important Note:
We are currently able to support ten submitters.

We look forward to hearing from you,
The Lion (Web Designer (http://www.etherjungle.com)).

Please check out our free online business directory (http://www.etherjungle.com/directory.html) and submit your site. Priority listings are first-come, first-served.

28 Feb 2008, 02:21 PM
so basically your a selling templates?

Dominic Pelletier ( www.dompelletier.com )