View Full Version : Templete From PS to Fireworks to Dreamweaver?

10 Feb 2008, 01:54 AM
I'm making a website for an art class project and I've created a template[ish] in Photoshop. I imported it into Fireworks and sliced the images I want. Fireworks & Dreamweaver are completely new to me, so can anyone teach me how to basically set up the CSS and stuff from Fireworks to Dreamweaver after the images are sliced?

I've included a link to the screenshot of the template I made.

I forgot to mention, the two empty boxes on the layout are for content/HTML.
Does anyone know how I can specifically do that too?

24 Feb 2008, 03:35 AM
i always use fireworks for web designing, after slicing in fireworks I export the file as 'HTML and Images' (file > export). I open up dreamweaver, then open the HTML file and make minor adjusments to the template, such as the alignment of the template and add content (text) to the page..