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11 Feb 2008, 04:58 PM
Hey all! Nice forum you have here.
Anyways, I'm having a design contest for my website www.fingel.com (http://www.fingel.com) I need a new graphic for the top (take one look and you will know why) The top 3 submissions get to place a banner ad on my site right next to the new graphic, with the 1st place getting 50% rotation time and second and third getting 25%. The ads will be up for 3 months.
Even if you don't have a website or know someone else that could use the free publicity, if you would enjoy entering the contest please do so! Nothing too serious, Something fun and artistic would do just fine, whatever your style is.
For more details go here: http://www.fingel.com/airlock/e107_p...wtopic.php?3.0

Hope to see some of you there, and good luck! :D :bounce:

11 Feb 2008, 05:23 PM
your website has 0 PR. 3 months of 'ad time' on this site is completely worthless.