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19 Feb 2008, 03:48 AM
Hi there

I am getting mad with a background image that i am trying to display in a simple table.

I have been cutting the image in nine pieces with Gimp ( filter Py slice)

When i try to assemble it in my table two whites horizontal stripes are disturbing the image after each line i define ... i am using firefox !!!

Here is the code of html



<table width="516" height="511" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td width="53" height="14"><img width="53" height="14" src="./index_jeu_ter/gauche_h.jpg" border="0"></td>
<td width="448" height="14"><img width="448" height="14" src="./index_jeu_ter/milieu_h.jpg" border="0"></td>
<td width="15" height="14"><img width="15" height="14" src="./index_jeu_ter/droite_h.jpg" border="0"></td>
<td width="53" height="433"><img width="53" height="433" src="./index_jeu_ter/gauche_m.jpg" border="0"></td>
<td width="448" height="433"><img width="448" height="433" src="./index_jeu_ter/centre.jpg" border="0"></td>
<td width="15" height="433"><img width="15" height="433" src="./index_jeu_ter/droite_m.jpg" border="0"></td>
<td width="53" height="64"><img width="53" height="64" src="./index_jeu_ter/gauche_b.jpg" border="0"></td>
<td width="448" height="64"><img width="448" height="64" src="./index_jeu_ter/milieu_b.jpg" border="0"></td>
<td width="15" height="64"><img width="15" height="64" src="./index_jeu_ter/droite_b.jpg" border="0"></td>



i can send by mail the result i get if someone wants...

Please help

19 Feb 2008, 07:10 AM
sorry to bother you with this simple question

I think i have to find another solution

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