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20 Feb 2008, 03:39 AM
Hi everybody,

My marching band has given me the honors of designing a website. I am somewhat familiar with html, and css and flash. Even had some experience with php and database related websites ( I am definitely not an expert though). I really want to blow everybody away and make a fantastic website.
The band wants a site that explores the people. The people in the band and the people behind it.
I want to include video of some parades, and lots of music.
Does anybody have any good suggestions were to start, where to download, (or if necessary ‘buy’) great templates to start with?
Anyway, thanks for thinking with me.

20 Feb 2008, 08:03 PM
Regarding sites that offer this kind of service, I have had good luck with templatemonster.com. They have a lot of templates and ideas, with older templates being cheaper.

I found a great place to find layout and alternative design ideas is Deviantart.com. They have a section for web interfaces. Some are not worth the time, but others are just phenomenal.

Regarding ideas, you could always make a graphical front page from a picture of the band assembled, with each person being a link, either using Flash or an image map. Clicking on a person brings you to a page about them. Then you can always add links in the background for the school, and events - or whatever you may need. The downside to that kind of idea is that each year, or time there is some kind of turn-over, you'll have to edit the site/images.