View Full Version : Flash menu rotate problem

25 Feb 2008, 03:22 AM

It is my very first experience using flash and I'm trying to create a nav menu for my portfolio.

Do I have to use invisible buttons to make this [link] (http://www.rofl.pl/menu.swf) work if i want it to look like this [link] (http://www.rofl.pl/menu_bad.swf).

As i said I'm like 3 days old flash-wise so if i have to use invisible buttons any explanation how do I do that would be really great. I use Flash CS3 Professional and in this swf i dont use buttons, just 4 movie clips and addeventlistener syntax.

And is there a way i can make it more precise while still not using buttons, or are buttons the way to go?
Thanks in advance

27 Feb 2008, 09:28 PM
Well if it's all made in flash I think you just have to select the text / convert as a button symbol. Then you can give proprieties to the symbol. If you want to use invisible buttons (if, lets say you only have a whole image), just set the opacity to 0%.