View Full Version : My Affilite Site - How to improve?

06 Mar 2008, 05:08 AM
Hello Folks!

Before the paint dries, please help:

I have a new site i have built an affiliate site to generate extra income. But it doesn't seem to geneate anything really.


Can you folks have a look and give your critique with any suggestions regarding the placement of content and design that could help improve my site?

Does it seem a bit over crowded with adsense and banners etc...

All suggestions and critisim will be gladly welcomed.



08 Mar 2008, 05:43 PM
I really did not see anything wrong with your site maybe you just need to get it out there more if people don't see it they can't join. If you are not making any money from your banners and adsense take them off. Get traffic first then put them back on but you need visitors first. I have so many problems trying to get real customers to the website as well. Best thing you can do is make sure your listed in the search engines then join forums about credit reports and become a good user, also you might even start a help forum about credit reports. Make sure you don't litter your site with these banners.
Well hope this helps