View Full Version : flash wont play cause of security

13 Mar 2008, 07:29 AM
I have made a flash with adobe for my site and when i preview it at my home computer my security settings are at medium high and i get that bar on my IE (internet explorer) saying "internet explorer has restricted this webpage from running scripts or active x controls that could access your computer" then i have to allow it and my flash plays. so what i did was just lower my security settings to just medium instead of medium high. its great now. but i previewed my site on other computers (four of them) and all 4 i had that security message... now my thing is i dont want 90% of my customers to have to adj there setting just to see my flash. Is there something i can do? maybe redo my flash but in a different format or setting? my flash is by adobe pro and i chose 2.0 scripts... saved in a swf file... thank you

p.s. i am using dreamweaver