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16 Mar 2008, 10:36 AM

Compete NEWB here, but heres a short synopsis of my background story and idea:

I recently sold my 24 hour service business (to reclaim my sanity). I remember loathing salespeople and sales pitches, that were trying to sell me something "I needed". My "BS radar" was always fine tuned to avoid people trying to sell me stuff. I was already in a bad mood from working 16 hours the previous day, and now confronting TODAYS problems, needless to say I had VERY little patience for sales folks (whether their product was good or not) I think most small business people probably shared my fear and loathing of sales presentations.

My idea

I read somewhere that 75% of small business STILL does not have a web presence. I know from my own experience, as a consumer, that a lot of small biz that I deal with, do NOT have a web site. My perception is that most of these small businesses desire a web presence, but assume it will be costly and time consuming ( talking to developer, etc.).

I propose creating a 2-3 page custom mock up (including photos and info that pertain to that particular business) Then approaching said business owner, with a QUICK and PAINLESS presentation, showing them what their web site could look like (using a notebook computer) Then leaving info with them, or continuing the presentation. The key here would be showing them the mock up ( including pictures of their building or product) and making it LOW pressure, Quick and easy !

Your thoughts regarding this approach ? Is it a common practice ?

Thanks for your input.

03 Apr 2008, 01:48 PM
Would you be making sure these people were interested in a web presence before making the mock up. Are you assuming once presented with the mockup (that you invested hours) that it will make them want a web presence.

I have been working as a web design in my local market for years now and just cant see designing mockups without even knowing if they would be interested. If you are planning on having some templates and just swapping out logo and images it might pay off idk.