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25 Mar 2008, 07:30 PM
***if you make a test application, please use TEST as the first and last name***
I am trying to get help doing some upgrades on my sites: www.washingtonautocredit.com (or WAC)| www.jumpstartmycredit.com (or JSMC)
I tried to make a few different catagories. At the bottom is a Fix Someday portion. All of the rest I would like fixed now.
If you have any loan website experience, it would be helpful, but not required. I also have this doc in a word format, which looks better. If you email me, i can send it to you.
I need to get going on this pretty soon. I have indianic.com making a quote for me. They are professional and reasonably priced, but the time difference makes communication more time consuming than it needs to be. I would like to see what your thoughts are for doing this project. The only thing that is in the "now" category that does not need to be is the zip code algorithm stuff.

MS IM: washingtonautocredit@live.com
email: ryan@jumpstartmycredit.com

Fix Now:
Both Sites:
Add “Terms of Use” and have checkbox and popup. Since they are required to check it on the pre-form page, it can be automatically checked on the second page. If there is a Pre-Form Page on JSMC, or on all pre-form pages of WAC:
• I have read both the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for this site and agree to be bound by the terms therein.
Put links to every page in footer. Home | FAQs | Testimonials | Links | Link Partners | Sitemap…….and so on.
Update html sitemaps.
Update .xml sitemaps. Submit to google. Obviously application pages need to rank higher than other pages.
Update botz files.
Make sure that every page not editable in backend is at least editable in Adobe Contribute.
Put in Google adwords code to see when applications are filed out and track conversion.
Put certificate icons on the left side of application page. BBB, SSL, and other certificates. Also put icons either in footer, or right below submit button on other pages. This is to build confidence in website.
Add H1 tags to all pages.
Edit Title tags and description of pages not currently editable in backend.
Strategic locations of banner ads.

• Implement new layout. Similar to old layout, but some visual changes. Have logo be link to home page.
• Use washingtonautocredit.wordpress.com blog if possible on website. Would like to be able to increase content through the blog.
• Make Income, other Income, and Rent/Mortgage fields Drop Down.
I will give you value table.

• Better looking box at the top of page 2 that says Step 2 of 2.
• Figure out why I cannot edit some of the content in Adobe Contribute…footer and Thank you page most notably. Fix this problem.
• REQUIRED FIELDS for applicant only: FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, Date of Birth, Social Security, Address Fields, Home Phone and Work Phone Fields, Employer, Occupation, Time on Job, Time at Residence, select income amount.
• In popup for NO SSN, put “We respect your privacy and have a secure website in order to protect your information. However, we require your social security number in order to process your application. You may call us and give this information over the phone if you like. Toll-Free 888-300-3502”
• No Co-applicant fields are required.
• Fields format: ZIP must be 5 NUMBERS ONLY, not more or less, not letters. Phone fields must be 10 numbers only. SSN must be 9 numbers only.
• Birthday must start BLANK and is required to select something for each value.
• When wrong types of info, or not enough digits are entered, customer gets a warning popup and incorrect fields are highlighted in red. All typed info is saved, not lost.
• Delete “OR P.O. Box #” and Box below it for Applicant and Co-applicant. Both current and previous address.
• Delete “Rural Route” and entry box for both applicant and co-applicant. Both current and previous address.
• Slide Applicant’s Previous address State and ZIP closer to City box. Make it look more like the current address.
• For both applicant and co-applicant, Current Address and Employer Time at Job/Residence can be Blank. So that Previous does not show unless time at address/employer is less than 2 years. If only one is selected, then the other one defaults to 0. Example: Someone selects 3 months. That is transmitted as 0 years 3 months. Example 2: Someone selects 5 years. That is transmitted as 5 years 0 months.
• Is there a way to set up site so user stays on our page if they are reading our blog? Washingtonautocredit.wordpress.com
• Delete one of the ‘*’ by Gross Income * (Before Taxes)*. Both not needed. Make sure the one you keep is the same as Co-applicant. And make sure it is RED.
• Page loading graphic from 1st to second page and from 2nd to thank you page. Processing…and a bar, or the logo spinning.
• Make sure privacy policy and Conditions for Site Use are not in .xml sitemap and is blocked on botz file.
• Update sitemap .xml, submit to google, and optimize for SEO.
• Make sure privacy policy and majority of other pages are editable in Adobe Contribute.
• Alt text on all images.
• General SEO cleanup.
• At bottom of second page:
• I may have a co-signer that is not listed on this application.
• I have filed for bankruptcy within the last 7-years.
• I have read both the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for WashingtonAutoCredit.com and agree to be bound by the terms therein.
• Yes, I want to receive information and offers from partners of WashingtonAutoCredit.com.
• Check box info saved on applications in backend of website. Bankruptcy and co-signer questions there now. Maybe they can be grayed out and not editable. Only other question Detroit trading cares about is Yes / No (true/false) on the Offers question. Cosigner and Bankruptcy question could be Yes/No…see web2carz.com
• Have loan calculator be on its own page, like testimonials or FAQ, and so people can apply from loan calculator page. Not popup. I can make content so Auto Loan Calculator and other terms are picked up by search engines.
• Eliminate employment status dropdown. Data still needs to be sent. Make always Employed for both applicant and co-applicant, and a hidden field. In place of box, have it say “Primary Source of Income”.

Auto Loan Boxes like new ones on WAC site.
• I may have a co-signer that is not listed on this application.
• I have filed for bankruptcy within the last 7-years.
• I have read both the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for JumpStartMyCredit.com and agree to be bound by the terms therein.
• Yes, I want to receive information and offers from partners of JumpStartMyCredit.com.
Other forms do not need extra boxes unless specified.
• Unique Text for All pages
o Some Pre-Form Pages share text. That needs to change. Backend currently has same article going to multiple pages, including pre-form pages. If made so it is not dynamic content, I should be able to edit with Adobe Contribute. Graphics need to be made so I can put Alt text in them. Need unique content on different pre-form pages. Images, and text. Make majority of text ACTUAL text. Too much is image text right now.
Now that we have some content, We can make it so it is NOT dynamic content. As long as I can edit the text in Adobe Contribute. Example: I CAN edit the text at washingtonautocredit.com, but I cannot even see the text at jumpstartmycredit.com because it is all dynamic.
Change Thank You page text.
o Need different text for non-loan products. (“lenders will be contacting…”)
o Need to alter existing text. Either pages I can edit in Adobe Contribute, or pages in backend that I can edit.
o Thank you page must have links to other products on site and attempt to “Up-Sell” other services.
 Unique Images and Image Text on pages. New Home Page.
o Eliminate right side menu
o Eliminate Left side menu
o Only way to get to other loan/application types is through home and thank you pages.
o Put loan calculator on all loan pages.
o Put bankrate.com rate info on applicable loan pages. Easy paste.

www.washingtonautocredit.com (http://www.washingtonautocredit.com) www.jumpstartmycredit.com (http://www.jumpstartmycredit.com)

25 Mar 2008, 07:31 PM
It would not let me post the whole thing...sorry.

JSMC Fix List Continued...
Need HTML sitemap.
Make wordpress Blog integrate to website and be searchable. If not possible, or too expensive, just make a link to the blog.
Site Search either needs to work properly, or be removed. I am okay with removing it. Live.com has a decent site search tool that is free. It can search from just my blog pages, the washingtonautocredit site, and the jumpstartmycredit site.
Add H1 headers to every page. H2, H3 if necessary.
Alt text values on images. Able to do in Adobe Contribute on WAC site, but can’t for some reason on JSMC. See if you can make it possible on JSMC.
Fix phone, and SSN auto tab. Cannot Shift-tab back to previous field. Example, from second phone field to first phone field. I know this is fixable because this feature works fine on WAC. Needs to be fixed for whole site. All applications and Pre-form pages. Can also consider different format for entry boxes on Birthday and SSN fields.
Make ALL applications more user friendly. Shorter. Not one column. See Unitedautofinance.com
SSL icon next to all SSN fields on applications that require it. Like washingtonautocredit.com
Allow spaces in NAME fields. Some people have spaces in their name. Code now prevents spaces in pre-form page. OR IF EASIER…use ZIP code algorithm like web2carz.com. See how it pre-fills the city state and ZIP. I LOVE THAT FEATURE, and how it says We Have Coverage in (city), (state)! Try typing in 98512, or 90210. Or some other zip code. I do not like how the Web2Carz application looks, but it is very good functionally. I am okay with changing application pre-form pages to this model. Maybe just have ZIP code on perform page, or have all current info (except state) and include zip code, so city, state, and zip automatically pre-fill.
Allow people to apply on pre-form as many times as they want. The pre-forms have a code in them now that blocks people from entering the same application more than once in a day. I had someone emailing me that said she was unable to complete the application the first time, then came back later, and was not allowed to complete it.
Use the similar value table for Rent and Income as WAC. All Applications that ask for income or rent/mortgage.
I will give you value table.

Do not allow Home loans applications with less than 5% down payment or equity. Adjust algorithm so it automatically makes the lowest down payment or the highest loan amount 95% of home value.
Home Loan pages will be changed to quinnstreet.com forms. Very Easy to paste code. There will simply be an Apply Now Link that goes to the form. I will supply the code.
Make New Auto Quote Form, warranty form, and debt settlement form all one page. They are so short that they do not need the first form page asking for some of the info.
Make payday loan page only 1 page and insert java form from Leadpile. Easy paste. Very easy.
Home Page
No flash on new home page. All images on new site must be able to place ALT text on.
Home Page does not need preview tabs. How about just text and pictures that are editable in Adobe Contribute.
Update header. Make home be the Logo. Make simple text links across the top for each application type, blog, contact, faqs. Have a cycle of maybe 10 Banner adds that show randomly.
Home page will have full several full paragraphs and pictures with alt text. No need for article previews.
Towards bottom of home page, have 4 columns. 1 for each article type. Loan Articles, Credit Articles, Debt Articles, Insurance Articles. Make it so every time an article is created in backend, it is added to the list that best suites it. Already able to select article type in backend.
Eliminate current footer with article titles, see what to do with those as mentioned earlier.
Must have more basic footer EXAMPLE: Home | JSMC Blog | Auto Loans | Auto Loan Refinance | Home Loan Refinance| Home Loans | Payday Loans | Student Loans | Student Loan Refinance |Debt Settlement | Debt Relief | Tax Debt Relief | New Vehicle Price Quote | Auto Warranty Quote | Sitemap | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | FAQs

Fix Someday:
CSS on all sites.
Both Sites Scalable.
Make all email addresses that are not Unsubscribed, deleted, or Don’t contact export to a csv list so it can be imported to a mass email program.
Perhaps use Google’s website optimizer so I can test different images and conversion percentage.