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14 Apr 2008, 04:41 PM
Hi, first post here be nice!

I have a php website that has a passworded area with a photo upload gallery. Originally i used a simple form to upload pictures so each file had to be selected individually, this worded but there was no progress bar, client side resizing and it takes a long time to select each picture.
I then found a Java client uploader, jupload, (similar to the Facebook one) that i implemented, it has all the features i want (bulk uploads, client resizing and progress bar). The problem is that i think it has a memory leak and some people have said it crashed their browsers (i still have the simple form as a backup!).

Right now too the point. Basically do you know of any other free client uploaders? They can either be in flash or another java one just as long as it has bulk uploads. I have searched Google but its hard to find one that is free and i am not sure what to search for to get specific results i am after.

Thanks in advance,