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Ron web design
18 Apr 2008, 03:57 PM

As the title of this post suggests; I am leaving the army after 22 years service, too shell shocked to continue and getting older! Consequently am looking to set up my own web design & optimisation small business.

I am in the early stages of learning the subject, consequently am looking for advice on how to get my site seen in search engines, I have entered my site (hope this aint classed as spamming) www.eye-web-design.co.uk
into as many search engines as possible to DMOZ and at least fifty directories, as yet I cant see the results of all the time and effort in Google i.e. Im still no where to be seen for the key phrase Im targeting 'web design wiltshire' and am now asking the contributers to this forum to give advice on how I can achieve a high position for my phrase? I have a small budget and am trying to use that for company formation and web design courses rather than spend it on optimisation, as I am hoping with your help through this post I can apply your suggestions and eventualy get seen.

Questions to help:

How can I gain lots of links into my site without spending thousands of hours sending emails out to companies that probably wont reply or link back?

How can I improve ranking as quick as possible? i.e. what are the most important points of optimisation to do?

My key phrase Im looking to rank high for is 'web design wiltshire' can you help give advice on how to acheive my aim?

Your help is greatly appreciated - consequence of failure - sign back on, more ops - shize :confused:

18 Apr 2008, 05:19 PM
honestly i'd rather spend my time mastering the craft first before worrying about google. looking at your website, you have a lot more ground to cover.