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18 Apr 2008, 11:15 PM
The client has entered a large amount of information into the sample database and not the live database.How do you use this opportunity to correct the situation for them and gain even more of their trust than we had before?

What would you do?

A user than you are training becomes irate with your over having to learn new sofware.What steps would you take to correct the situation?

What would you do?

What does it mean to restore your database?

Explain the installation proccess and how a databse server installation different from a workstation installation.

I know that you need stop the services for database server,but for workstation you dont actually need stop the services.

19 Apr 2008, 01:31 AM
1) Transfer the date from the sample database to the real database. A simple script could pull the data from one and write it into the other.

2) Depends on the relationship with the person. Client? Employee?

3) Restore means to put something back as it once was. restore a database means to take the data in a backup file and rebuild the database with it, making it identical to what it was at the time the backup was saved.

4) Not sure what you're asking. You want to know how to install the software?