View Full Version : bi-weekly city event website

24 Apr 2008, 11:50 AM
Hey guys, I've recently been volunteered (hehe) to help with a website for a bi-weekly event in my small town. It's called Jacksonville at Nite and basically encompasses late night music, shopping, drinking and dining in our small downtown area. I was wondering if there were any features you think a website like this could benefit from having to make it more attractive to folks wondering if they should come to the event.

31 Jul 2008, 04:14 PM
That sounds like a great idea, and I'm near maybe I'll come visit it someday. I would look into web promotion, radio promotion, etc. It's a public event, so you can prob get exposure cheap. Also, check into the local blogs that relate to anything jacksonville.

Next, since you have a website, you should try to get as much traffic to it as possible. Focus your marketing efforts to other websites that have a higher pagerank, alexa traffic rank, inbound link count, and blog reaction than your site. Do the same with the blogs, and it's a winning combination that is a failsafe technique for any startup website.