View Full Version : FLASH: dynamic textfield INSIDE movie clip

01 May 2008, 08:48 AM

Having a problem displaying a dynamic text field inside a movieclip - when I test / publish the movie, the text field is empty
I'm using AS2 in Flash CS3 (Newbie)..

my movie clip has the instance name: contentMain
The dynamic text field (Inside the movie clip) has the instance name: myText
The text field reads a html file, which contains text and images..

I believe my problem is something to do with the root - But I'm a newbie and are uncertain as to how I should change the following code:

(I should add that I know my html file works, because I can test the dynamic text field scene in flash and see the content, but not when I test the entire movie)

//stylesheet stuff
var ss = new TextField.StyleSheet();
contentMain.myText.styleSheet = ss;
//xml stuff
about = new XML();
about.onLoad = function () {
contentMain.myText.text = about;