View Full Version : Large Public Server and Remote Access

27 May 2008, 01:17 AM
I'm very intrigued how large website manage the content on their servers. Obviously they don't have FTP, SSH, RDP, etc... open on the public end; that's just inviting hackers to try their skills.

My best guess is that they have other lines coming into the servers on different IPs. Most rack servers these days (and for some time) have had dual 1gbps+ ports, so I imagine maybe they've made a private network on the second NIC and have a single gateway to the network on another IP address that isn't an obvious public IP (like myspace.com or admin.myspace.com).

Can someone shed some light on this network architecture they use? I know myspace hosts some servers over here in Los Angeles in co-lo facilities. How do they do it?! Thanks!