View Full Version : What should I do for being in google blacklist ?

07 Jun 2008, 01:24 PM
Hi guys,
I dont know whether this web being in google blacklist.
I can search in yahoo ,but can't search in google.I use "site" for this web ,the result is null.I got this domain just last week and rebuild this web to a new server yesterday.but I found there are not any content of this web in by google today and I dont know whether this web can't be searched by google before.
I had submit sitemap.xml to google in google webmaster tool. and I found google bot had visit this sitemap.xml today.
this web is http://www.001y.com.

I don't know why.:confused:

What should i do?Please help me.Thanks in advance.

07 Jun 2008, 01:51 PM
Unless the site was caught trying to rig it's ranking you won't be blacklisted by Google. However remember that Google deals with hundreds of millions of websites and web pages and nothing it finds shows up instantly. Since you've seen the Googlebot visit your site you can be assured that it will appear in their index in the coming weeks.