View Full Version : Need help for SEO and internet marketing works!

30 Jun 2008, 09:18 AM
Hi everyone, I have been working as a SEO for quite sometime. There are different techniques that are used by us in this work. There are many sites that we need to promote and use certain links for internet marketing. Among all theses, I need to open multiple tabs for the work. I know that all the links are not safe and some of them are ir-relevant or not safe. This also makes the work slow and pending if the link stops opening on a new window and makes the system come to a stand still.
Does anyone know any better ways to work online at a better pace?

Any help will be appreciated.

02 Jul 2008, 11:37 AM
You are absolutely right in saying that the links are sometimes un-safe as my system has been harmed a few times due to this. Internet marketing and SEO works do require a multiple browsing of windows and quick surfing. I have been using a tool that is indeed a faster approach to surfing online and provides clickless browsing (http://www.hhott.com/). It helps you to manage your work on a single window without the need of opening the links on your current window onto a new window. This also has features to indicate the safety of links. Get HHOTT Free Software from here (http://www.download25.com/publisher/hhott.html).

I hope that you would find this tool very useful.