View Full Version : Which host should I use?

02 Jul 2008, 08:13 PM
I just found this host seems pretty good. Do you guys know any other ones I should check out before I sign up for this one?
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14 Jul 2008, 01:13 PM
You can find hosting anywhere. As others have named a few so far. But the real question is "How critical is your site". I ask this in the sense of is this an office support site, sales site, or just a venture site? Most sites needs basic Html hosting. And the 9$ a month host will cut it. But if you need a support for a critical site where do you host? See I wouldn't host a critical site on web-host I would have a vps or Dedicated server. Anyone will tell you once your site gets too big or you know it will explode you might as well run with a VPS or Dedicated box. I still will never understand why someone would take the risk of hosting what they call a critical site on a 9$ dollar budget host. You get dugg once your done. So think about what you need. As for a good host I have been very happy with Server Intellect asp hosting and support for a good year now.