View Full Version : Icon designers wanted!

14 Jul 2008, 04:53 AM
Icon designers wanted for Muzicons.com project. Icons play very important role in muzicons widgets, they are pieces of “soul” of project.

If you want to try to be Muzicons icon designer you should send us 1-3 examples. If these examples will fit our style, I will contact you and we will discuss conditions of making a serie of icons. Information about icon authors will be placed here: muzicons.com/author.php.

We need:
1. Monochrome icons - white icons on transparent background
2. Colored icons
3. Colored\animated flash icons

Purpose of icons:
- show emotions (emoticons)
- describe events, actions, etc.
Always keep in mind that your icons will be used by thousands of users

Max 2525 pixels
2D, 3D, pixelart, etc etc. are welcome
No copies from well known “smiles” from different instant messengers, forums, etc.

Pm me or e-mail me: abbukibuki@gmail.com