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27 Jul 2008, 05:22 PM
Serif Design Software's, Adobe Design Software's, Corel Design Software's, GNU / Open Source Design Software's

You read correct, I'm seeking Assorted Design Software Tutorial writers. I'm looking to help spread the word about Assorted Design Software's as viable, effective, efficient, & usable software tools to aspiring designers.

I currently have several designers as members / as well as clients that have inquired about Assorted Design Software's & tutorials. I'm not very good at writing tutorials, so i figured I would reach out here at the forums & see if anyone already had tutorials that they wouldn't mind posting in the proper design Software section of my site.

What adding your tutorial will accomplish?

1.) Added exposure (PR) for your own site adding an Author tag at the end of the article / tutorial.
2.) Added inbound link juice by hyper-linking & anchoring your author tag. (Aiding in your overall targeted key word phrase search term campaign)
3.) Added exposure for Design software Company (Aiding in increased sales & larger future development budgets)
4.) Added feeling of comfort knowing you're helping others :)
5.) While you're at it, you might as well add your site & description to the directory (If it applies to one of the categories)

simply click one of my sig links bellow to go to the site & register for free. I manually admin all new sign-ups, so you won't be able to post any articles / tutorials till i get a chance to boost your registered status to author status, give it 24 - 48 hours (Just in case)....

Once you have author status you can post as many articles / tutorials as you want for approval. (Please do NOT post other peoples articles / tutorials, they must be YOURS - I could copy & paste myself, but I find it unethical, as well as a copyright infringement.)

Thank you for considering adding your article / tutorial. :)