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07 Aug 2008, 06:22 PM
Hello, I need to register a domain name as well as join a web hosting service. Should I find a place which offers the two combined, such as GoDaddy? Right now GoDaddy (the premium plan) is the direction I am headed towards for the web hosting, as well as registering the domain name, but I would like to hear other recommendations.

I would prefer to join a web hosting plan which would grant me enough disk space and bandwidth for multiple websites; however, this is only a secondary concern since my focus is only on my first website. What is a realistic amount of bandwidth to cover a single website which may receive up to 100 or more individual hits a day (that is a very high estimation)? The content will be mostly text and basic media; nothing too strenuous on the bandwidth.

GoDaddy offers the Coldfusion upgrade for a monthly cost of $1.99, and this is something which I will likely use/need. Most importantly, though, I need free apps that I can integrate into my website.

For instance, I will need an easy to use and expansive content management system. At the very least I need to make it possible to dynamically create new pages for the website using the content management system. I need the ability to log into an admin section and allow me or another person to upload a document that will be dynamically added to the website. I notice GoDaddy offers Joomla and others; will this cover my needs? Where can I learn more on how to do this? Which content manage system do you recommend? Will this allow me to create a registration process for members of the website? That would be ideal.

Secondly, I need a free blog tool to add to my website. I need something which will offer similar capabilities as this webpage - http://blogs.hoopshype.com/blogs/johnson/2008/07/11/philly-moves-to-the-front/ - where there is an article submission and viewers can add their own comments to the page/article. Is there something like this available, and in general how does it work? GoDaddy offers a few different blog apps.

Third, I would like to create a wiki-style resource section. I see GoDaddy offers pmWiki. How would I set this up in the code of my website?

Also, am I limited to using these tools for non-commercial sites only? I would like to throw in some ads (i.e. Google Adsense) into the website to generate some extra revenue if possible (mostly just to cover the expense of the web hosting).

I've never used any of these tools, so I'm unsure how it all works. I don't expect to be given instructions on how to use all these seperate tools, but it would be much appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction to understand their functionality.

10 Sep 2008, 01:08 AM
I recommend you to go away from godaddy, because despite of being good and reputable registrar, they are not very good host.

I fully agree with you :)

As for choosing a hosting company, I can say that there are a lot of good companies.It depends of what you want to choose( dedicated server,VPS or an ordinary hosting package).

I would recommend Fastnext as a reliable company that offers dedicated servers,VPS servers, reseller and shared hosting plans.