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12 Aug 2008, 11:33 PM
hope this is the right place to post this kind of topic!

Guys can you help me out on copy write laws in trademarks i have a website mysite (http://www.myfhm.net) which means friendster Hot model, my question is did i violate a copywrite trademark? fhm.com. (http://www.fhm.com) has the same/similar domain as mine is mysite (http://www.myfhm.net) which is similar and it might be a violation. I found out about an article/topic here in webdev forums it stated that.


It is possible that the ebook has copywrite restrictions. Google will act fast on any complaints of copywrite infringment and remove offending sites. Also google doesn't like duplicate content. If the pages you made form the pdf are similar to pages on some other site then you have duplicated that sites content and so google will drop the duplicate.

but my website in google search is still there they did not remove my domain in thier search, which means i did not violate anything?

google search

when i type "friendster hot model" this is the output