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18 Aug 2008, 10:34 AM

I have about 5 websites. After I started my first website, as the host (i.e. godaddy) allowed multiple domains hosted under the hosting plan, I am now hosting my other websites under the same hosting plan as well.

Now I almost quit using the primary site I started and using the other sites I stared later. So the main sites I am concerned with are the ones I started later. All I am displaying on my first site now is links to my other few sites.

My question is, does this affect search engine ranking negatively as the second site which is my main site now? Because it is not the primary domain on the hosting. Should I open a separate hosting account for it? Or make it primary domain? I afraid if I do that I will need to modify code (not sure).

Also, if I place links between my sites, as they are hosted under the same hosting location, is that a negative for SEO?

04 Oct 2008, 04:27 PM
Hi, regarding your question, the location of the servers can be a factor because changing to a server in another country will naturally make some differences than the time you are using the hosting accounts offered by a local firm.

The other thing is about the reliability and uptime status reports of the firms because not all of the figures are correct in reality and powerful sites can actually be better ranking.