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20 Aug 2008, 07:45 AM
Hi All,
Thanks for all the excellent comments that you sent when I launched my website www.prepaid365.com

We have recently launched the ability to advertise on the site in an effort to monetise the site and actually make some money :)

Would you be kind enough to review the advertising options available on the site and advise if you think this is adequate. As always, feedback from the experts here is always appreciated.

Egs of advertising would be

1. Tesco card on homepage - http://www.prepaid365.com/
2. Tesco card on every page in the small box - http://www.prepaid365.com/consumer-prepaid-cards.html
3. Banner Ads on all pages - http://www.prepaid365.com/consumer-prepaid-cards.html
4. Banners and Buttons on comparison pages - http://www.prepaid365.com/compare-prepaid-cards.html

Any other feedback related to site would also be appreciated

Cheers :drink:


20 Aug 2008, 09:15 AM
Nice. 7/10 is my rate. Just a text in top left corner will not combine with your design. This design is fresh, but it hasn't some clearity.

I like it.