View Full Version : Web Calendar Not Showing Properly

20 Aug 2008, 06:47 PM
I am having a problem with my web calendar (Jax Calendar) as it is not being displayed properly. It seems that my the files are not being properly linked. I fooled around with the problem and I suspect is is how I am calling the various pages and calendar.

I am also wondering how I would set an absolute path in PHP. For example, my code in PHP looks like: $calendars[0]->css= "../../../core/css/default.css";. To set an absolute path, I tried using $calendars[0]->css= "/core/css/default.css"; but it did not work. Any suggestions?

Lastly, when I go to the page http://www.rysa.bc.ca/testingA/testingF/content/calendarAndEvents/upcomingEvents/upcomingEvents.php I get a PHP error. I have already set written permissions to all of my calendar files.

You can view the website at: http://www.rysa.bc.ca/testingA/testingF/content/aboutUs/rysaHome/home.php