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26 Aug 2008, 01:25 AM
Job Budget: $1500 Bids/ Views: 4 / 554

Time Remaining: 23d 0h 52m (ends Sep 18, 2008 01:15 U.S. Eastern Time)

Job Description
To all those with a diverse set of skills looking for the chance to participate in a unique project, please consider our offer.
Chinese Performance Company in need of a talented individual comfortable with flash animation for a :45 title sequence to accompany a live performance promo.
Familiarity with a) Brush/watercolor traditional Chinese style aesthetic, and b) martial arts/acrobatic movement a great plus.
(Do you also know your way around video editing software? or know a friend who does?, and can do some basic integration of the animation and live promo video? Even better.
And do you amaze EVERYONE by ALSO knowing enough graphic design to help put together a nice brochure to accompany the video cut?
In other words, can you do it all??
Those located in China will be considered first, but we'd like to hear from you whereever you are! Thank you.

more details, go to http://www.mytino.com/jobs/job_details.php?id=1511&skip_jump=1