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01 Sep 2008, 11:42 PM
Job Budget: Between $500 and $1000 Bids/ Views: 2 / 106

Time Remaining: 2d 22h 24m (ends Sep 04, 2008 21:05 U.S. Eastern Time)

Job Description
I have just changed the template of our corporate Wordpress site to the Revolution Pro Theme. I need help changing the format of some of the pages, adding text and pictures, creating separate blog & corporate news sections, creating a contact page, and other misc. tasks to make the site presentable and professional.

The Revolution Template provides three types of pages - Featured, Blog, and Archive. I want to create a few more templates for specific pages (Contact, Clients, etc.)

Most importantly, after the job is complete, I want to be able to edit the site easily myself. So if I get a new client, I want to be able to add the clients logo, information, and what we are doing for them. I have some basic knowledge of web design and development (as you can see from my completely horrible attempt to do this job myself). It's important that I can add clients, employees, etc whenever needed. So I would say the most important part of this job is setting up good quality templates for each of the pages.

Also looking to make the site more public via SEO.

Specific Expertise: PHP, Wordpress, SEO

more details, go to http://www.mytino.com/jobs/job_details.php?id=1729&skip_jump=1