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01 Sep 2008, 11:47 PM
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Time Remaining: 7d 7h 51m (ends Sep 09, 2008 06:37 U.S. Eastern Time)

Job Description

Date: 8/29/08

Project Title: History of FrameMax

Comp Due Date for Approval: TBD
Final Due Date: 11/1/08

Contact (project leader): Pang Yang
pyang@framemax.com, 858-486-7200
(Name, email + extension) __________________

Project description: Create a luxurious hard cover book that tells the success story of FrameMax with very minimal text but more through photos and the design layout. However, we NO NOT want a standard book or portfolio that is just filled with photos. The book MUST have an artistic flair and a very clean design.

Project Purpose: To show that FrameMax is successful internationally and that is it continuously growing.

Product Positioning: We want to position FrameMax as a technology company that has become the leader in the construction market who specializes in light gauge steel framing and other innovative building systems. The book must compel the reader through copy and design to want to learn more.

Product Unique Selling Proposition: Pre-fabricated light gauge steel framing in the construction industry is relatively new. No one really has a patented solution to providing such a unique product in the building market place like FrameMax; nor are they constantly developing new building systems. The strategy of the book should reflect this.

Product target market: Developers, Owners, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors and high pro-file personal

Market Factors: The construction industry is quite conservative and lacks innovation and technology. FrameMax differs from this way of thinking. Instead, FrameMax is driven by innovation and new technology in hopes to change the way traditional construction is done. Again, the design should reflect FrameMax’s philosophy.

Project Tone: Contemporary, clean design with an artistic flair, edgy, and classy; none customary.

Desired Impact: We want the client to be able to flip through the book and be awed by the pictures and design of the book without even reading the text. The design and pictures should be so appealing and impressive that even if a person does not speak the language, they should get the message that FrameMax is a leader in its field.

Project critical communication factors: FrameMax is doing something unique and better then the rest of the industry. Therefore, that message needs to be conveyed into the design. FrameMax is a credible company that can handle any project.

Creative Recommendations: Needs to be a super unique, cleanly design book that is really compelling to get someone to want to learn more about the company. The idea is to develop a book that will be timeless so that in 10 years we can still use the book. The use of symbolic photos that correlate to the main message of the book is encouraged. Website- www.framemax.com

Mandatory Elements: Nicely design hard cover book with heavy stock paper for the inside pages. Designer MUST stay in continual communication and give frequent updates on the status of the project.

Project timeline and deadlines: Book must be completely designed and printed by 1/11/08.

Logo(s): FrameMax will provide

Copy: FrameMax will provide all copy

Image(s): FrameMax will provide most pictures

more details, go to http://www.mytino.com/jobs/job_details.php?id=1715&skip_jump=1