View Full Version : Building PHP onto an already built website

14 Sep 2008, 11:43 AM

I am looking to build php into an already build website using html and css, I assume that can be done.

With that said, I am looking to get this done (sorry for my wording, my web skills are minimum):
-Have areas on my site able to synchronize with other pages, by me updating one thing.
-Have affiliate codes (like images) randomly switch upon refresh.

Anything else you recommend, I would like to hear.

Here is my website, http://fightinstinct.com/ I think there is enough on there for you to observe the type of website it is, and what is needed to make it function well.

Website needs to be friendly for:
-Daily article updating
-Friendly in editing sponsor banners, month to month.

Also the obvious user friendly etc.

I would like to know how much this would cost. If I agree to the price I would also like to privately discuss to get this done.

04 Nov 2008, 06:37 AM

Is there a number where we can talk so that i can answer all your questions...Or you can call me at 813.418.6407.