View Full Version : Restrictions For New Users

David Bowley
25 Sep 2008, 03:28 PM
There are 2 types of user here at WDF:

Preliminary Members


Real Members

Newly registered users are automatically made into Preliminary Members and are not allowed to use an avatar or signature on their posts. This is primarily to stop new users coming to the forum solely to get a link back from the forums and not actually contributing at WDF.

Little do these people know that these forum signature links really don't hold that much value and there are much better SEO tactics to use.

Once you have been a Preliminary Member for 7 days and have made at least 12 useful posts, you will automagically be promoted to Real Member status and should be able to add both an avatar and signature to your profile.

The option to use a signature is turned off in your User Control Panel deliberately, so we'd appreciate it if while you are a Preliminary Member you didn't just manually append your own signature to every post.