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David Bowley
25 Sep 2008, 04:27 PM
After you have been a member of the forums for 7 days and made 12 posts, you will then be allowed to have a signature. This feature can be enabled in the User Control Panel.

The following guidelines apply to all signatures:

Your signature must be no more than 4 lines
You may link to your own site(s)
You may not link to any undesirable content (read: pr0n, warez etc)
You can use colour, bold, capitalized letters etc within reason - use your common sense here, we don't want you to distract from the rest of the threads that your posts appear in
Images are allowed within reason - this is at the moderators' discretion, again if it causes a distraction then it's not acceptable
Anything else that either distracts people or is meant to mislead is also not acceptable - statements about making 1000's of $'s for doing no work etc.